Salataris offers comprehensive financial consulting services solutions, so your business can grow, profit, and thrive.

Who we are

Salataris is a certified minority-owned business headquartered in Northern Virginia. Our team consists of experienced finance/mortgage industry professionals including key members of the senior management team that built two of the largest mortgage originators in the U.S. Our clients include both financial firms and regulatory agencies.

Salataris provides a unique suite of advisory services to financial services companies, with an emphasis on the mortgage industry, that help its customers accelerate their growth. These services typically include:

Challenges for businesses

The ever-changing landscape of financial reform poses challenges for businesses of any size to ensure compliance with regulation. In the past four years, the financial services industry has witnessed sweeping changes in legislation as it relates to their everyday business activities. The two most notable congressional acts passed in the last four years are: The Housing Economic and Recovery Act (HERA) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Within the myriad sections of both bills is an important legislative directive that pertains to the advancement of minority, women and disabled veteran owned businesses.